Air Combat Revenge

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Air Combat Revenge

Many of us, mostly the young generation love the air force. At some point of time in their life, they would’ve even desired to join the air force as a pilot. There is no such man in the world who doesn’t love adventure, probably everyone loves adventure. Even the cowards love adventures too, maybe in a different way though. Anyways, let it go. I am here again to introduce you to a new aerial game called Air Combat Revenge. And I know you have already guessed by reading the introduction above that this game could be about air attack. Now tell me one thing. Is there any fun in flying a dead metal bird if there are no enemies? If you say that there is no fun in flying without enemies around then you are a perfect person for playing this game as it is developed to give you thrills. There awaits thousands of enemy airship to entertain you. You have to fight them and destroy them before they do the same to you. There are various kinds of ships such as normal fighter planes, upgraded fighter planes and UFO’s. You have to destroy them all. Try shooting them before you make a collision with them. There will be variations in the enemy plane. Though you will have the same plane all the way through the game, but will have variety of bullets such as normal bullets, laser tracer and sonic bombs! You will earn points for each and every enemy plane you destroy. Sometimes you would get bonuses as every UFO destroyed will leave a gold coin for you. Don’t forget to collect them. Collecting golden stars will give your attack an extra boost by providing you an extra gun. For shooting a single bullet click the mouse once, and for a rapid fire just click the left mouse button and hold it until the enemy gets destroyed. So what is the point in waiting now? Let your gun make a rock n roll party up above the sky and let’s teach our enemies a tough lesson!