Angel Of Freedom

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Angel Of Freedom

Can you tell what makes earth so beautiful? The answer is the creatures. Apart from human beings there are various kind of animals living on the earth. And our scientists believe that there are still too many left to discover. They have created a fantastic life cycle for every creature to live on. Every creature is somehow dependent on the other one to survive. If any change happens to one species then it makes an immediate impact on the others as well. Moreover, many animals are also part of our lives. Little kids love to play with pets like cats and dogs. They love birds too. So let us proceed ahead to the main point of this game called Angel Of Freedom.
Have you ever thought of an earth where there are no animals, not even a single one? Sounds crazy right? But this is what has happened in Angel Of Freedom online game. Some aliens came on earth and took away all our lovely animals. But, don’t worry. Angel of freedom is here to help you bring them back. You will play as an angel in this game. Aliens took our animals and kept them captive in cage. You have to free them. For doing so, you need to touch those cages. Do this one after another to free all the animals. After completion of a level touch the next button to move on to next level. There will be many obstacles like sword, chain, fire etc to block you from reaching near the animals. So, play wisely and you have to be thoughtful enough to choose which animal you would free next. If you failed to choose the correct sequence you will not be able to reach the next level. Then you will have to restart the level again.
So, be helpful to free them and bring back our animals back on earth. Don’t give the evil a winning chance. Good luck!