Barca Goal

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Barca Goal

In the world of football Barcelona is not only the name of a football club but also a sign of history and glory. They are four times UEFA Champions League, two times FIFA Club World Cup, twenty two times La Liga winner. They have won all possible trophies in 2009 which is such an impossible task to do. Their only sorrow is the Intercontinental Cup. Intercontinental Cup is only the major trophy that is not kissed by the player of this club. For their history, for their determination to win every game and for their friendly sporting attitude it is called “More Than a Club”.
Let’s stop discussing about Barcelona’s history and play this game called Barca Goal. Of course it is a football game and you have to take on the oppositions as FC Barcelona player. There awaits Lionel Messi, Andres Iniesta, Xavi Hernandez and the Brazilian sensation Neymar for you to choose them as your player. Select one of them to start the game. There are a total of three rounds to play. You will have ten scoring chance in each round. In the first round you will find yourself in front of a goal post without any goal keeper. It will move right or left. You have to try to score as many goals as you can. Select where you want to shoot by moving the mouse and power up your shot by clicking and holding the left mouse button. After the first round you will be given some round metal target to hit. Try to hit them all. Then, in the third round you will feel the same as the first one. But there will be a goal keeper this time. So what? Beat him with ease as you are not an amateur anymore, you are a player of Nou Camp!