Beauty Ear Doctor

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Beauty Ear Doctor

Ever dreamt of being an Aurist? Thinking, what does an aurist means? It means a doctor who gives treatment for our ear problems. Truly speaking, when I was a child and my mom took me to an Aurist to check up my ear and cleanse them in a regular interval, I was very scared of that fat man holding various kinds of medical instruments. Even till now I am scared of an aurist. When he plucks hair from my ear I wish I could scream like a dragon! He uses some heart shaking instruments that can scare anybody. So, why not scare a beautiful girl by playing as an aurist in this Beauty Ear Doctor online game? 😉

As said before, you have to play as an Aurist, I mean as an ear doctor in this game. You will have a beautiful girl as your patient. All you have to do is to clean her ear with your instruments. Don’t take it too easy. You have to use different type of instruments to get rid of different germs. Use the first instrument starting from the left to pluck hairs from the inner side of the ear and second one for killing bacteria’s. Third one is a cotton bud and you know well how to use it. Use the giant injection to kill those yellow germs from the beauty queen’s ear. Fifth one is a vacuum cleaner like. It will absorb if there is any water inside the ear. Then use the brush to clean her ear properly. Don’t think she will fall in love if you do it perfectly! Beauty Ear Doctor is a game where you will earn points for completing your task. And when she screams, it is a bonus for mental satisfaction as until now an aurist would have always scared you, but this is the time for scaring a girl as an aorist. Let’s enjoy!