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Catch The Ball

The most played and most loved game on the earth is football. There is no such place on the planet called earth where football is not played. From the dense jungles to the busiest towns, everywhere people get mad about Football. In FIFA 2014 when the starting intro mentioned – “The game we love, the game we live for,” heart-beats got fast and these two lines were in the mind of every football fan.
In catch the ball online game we will play a vital part of football game. You have to catch the ball just like a goal keeper. As in the real game the goal keeper dives on his own, in this game you have to throw your goal keeper so that you can make a dive and catch the ball. If it sounds very easy to play then you might be thinking wrong. There will be several metal balls which will block your way and make it difficult to catch the ball. You have to avoid them by making a perfect dive or push those to clear your way. First choose a direction and angle that will help you the best to reach the ball. To choose an angle move your mouse left to right or up to down to adjust the perfect path and then release your goal keeper by clicking the left button of your mouse. You have to catch every ball to proceed on to the next level and earn points. There are a total of twenty four levels to play for and show your skills to perform as the best goal keeper of the world. Just come on the field and throw yourself to catch all the balls that are waiting for you!