Clumsy Chef Laundry

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Clumsy Chef Laundry

When your clothes become dirty what do you do? Clean it yourself or send it to laundry? Of course it depends on person to person. If you are a lazy person or you don’t have enough time to clean it yourself you surely would send those to laundry. Otherwise you will have to clean it on your own. Anyway, in this game you have to help Miranda to clean her dirty clothes. Miranda is a chef and while cooking she spilled the sauce all over her clothes. You have to help her wash those and choose a new outfit for her.
Let’s now start playing this game called clumsy chef laundry. First you need to help her remove the dirty clothes from her body. She has worn different colored clothes. Put all the white colored dress in the white basket and put all the colored dress in the colored basket. Then open the door of the washing machine and put the white clothes into it. Use proper cleaning soda to clean them. Wait for some time until the process ends and then bring them out of the machine. Do the same for the colored dresses as well. Put in the machine, use soda and wait. Then hang the clothes on a rope to dry. In the meantime you have to choose a new outfit for her. You can also change her hairdo. Choose from the variety of styles and select one that you think will suit her. You can change the color of her lipstick, eyeliner, blush-on etc. Then pick her a new dress. Choose a perfect top and skirt. You can change her hat and jewelry too. After choosing the new outfit you have to iron her old clothes. Select one by one and iron it. Then fold it properly. Do the same process for all the clothes. Know what now? She is ready to go back to her kitchen with her new outfit and the credit goes to you!