Doctor Care Cat Ear

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Doctor Care Cat Ear

Do you own a pet cat? Isn’t she very adorable? If she gets ill don’t you feel sad and sorry for that little cutie cat? Just think if your pets suffers from an extreme earache they will not be able to tell you that it has earache. It will scream meow, meow all the day. So why not take some precautions so that they don’t stand a chance of an earache. Yes I am telling you to take it to an Aurist who treats animal ears.
What you woud actually do in real life that doesn’t matter much. But look, in Doctor Care Cat Ear game you have got a pet cat to take care of. You are an aurist in this game and you need to use all your instruments to cure the cat’s ears. Light up your stand lamp and focus it inside the cat’s ear so that you can understand clearly what you have to do. First wash it’s ear with warm water, just gently spray it. Each and every item you use in Doctor Care Cat Ear online game, you will have to drag the item to the cat’s ear. Then use the injection to absorb the accumulation from the ear. Cat would cry and make a sad face but you don’t stop your work and stay focused. Use the germ killer to kill the germs . Then gently use the towel to wipe it’s ear.
Don’t think that your work is over just yet. Next level awaits you. Use two clamps to spread the cat’s ear for a larger view. Use the dropper to apply medicine on the rash. Use the metal tongs to clean solid dirt from the ear. Clean the ear cakes using the cotton bud. Then use your magnifying glass to find out bacteria’s and you will have four type of bacteria killer to kill those. Don’t stand them a chance to live. Move your glass by dragging the mouse and find them all.