Giant Flappy Swine

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Giant Flappy Swine

What do you know about Giant Flappy Swine? Swine is an animal with a large head and a long snout but highly social and intelligent. Swine’s are mostly raised for their meat in various countries. We also use different part of this animal to make leather, plywood adhesive, coats, gloves, shoes, buttons etc. Wondering why I am writing an essay or telling you so much about this animal like a Wikipedia? Because I don’t know whether you know or not that a swine that could fly exists or not. But I know one. And in this game I am going to make you meet one. Don’t laugh at all, I am serious!
Here it is, our flying friend. Say hello but don’t ask him it to fly. Because you are the person who will make him fly! I know it sounds very weird but trust me, you will have fun. So let’s start. You already know that your objective is to make a swine fly. Now I will tell you how to do it. Just take control of your mouse and click the left button continuously to make your swine fly and release the left button to make it fall down. But don’t click too much because as much you will click as higher it will reach and that would make a collision with path blocking rocks. Your way will not be easy to move on. There will be lots of stalactite and stalagmite to block your way. That means you will have to concentrate enough on your flying path and have to decide when to fly and when to not. You will be awarded with bonus points if you can collect the flying birds that will fly towards you from the opposite way. So let’s see how many points you can collect and how long you can make the giant flappy swine fly!