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Gibbets 4

Do you like archery? Even if the answer is no, I am sure that you would love to play this game. Let me support my statement further. Even though you are not in archery range but always try to help people at any cost then this game is for you.
We can say Gibbets 4 is a first person shooter game but not with gun and bullets. You have to deal with your bow and arrows and have to keep faith in your shooting skills. The objective of Gibbets 4 is to help some captive people to escape from the enemy camp. Enemy leader is a sadist like person and he likes to keep people hanging apart from hanging stages. All you have to do is free those captive peoples by shooting the rope around their neck. If you can shoot perfectly the rope will get cut and the person who is hanging will fall down on the ground. But watch out for the guards. You have to kill them also along with free the captives in order to proceed to the next level. After passing any levels you will proceed to the next one and the number of captives and guards will increase. Try to kill the guards as soon as possible and for doing that aim for a head shot as it will take only one shot to kill them. Otherwise it will take a bit longer to kill them. And after killing the guards try to free the captives. You can’t expect them to hang for an entire day! The more you delay the more chances are that they will die. And there is no point in freeing dead captives. Moreover you will not be able to reach the next level if any of the captives dies because of your delay or your bad aim. Just keep in mind that you are here to save them and not to kill them.