Make Family Salad

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Make Family Salad

Make Family Salad is a great game with appeal to kids and teens alike. This is very similar to some cooking games available on Wii. Basically the game allows the player to essentially manipulate a list of ingredients which are shown on the screen, mix and match these ingredients and create dishes. Various dishes are presented to hold the interest of the player. For example, one of the dishes is a salad. For this, the player is led first through the creation of the sauce, cutting and preparing the vegetables for the salad and finally mixing the green leaves and vegetables which make up the bulk of the vegetables. The player prepares each of the components of the salad and in one of the last screens; he/she is presented with the three finished components. In the final step, the player mixes all three ingredients and Voila! The salad is ready!! The congratulatory message at the end of the cooking session is the final icing on the cake, so to speak!
As mentioned earlier make family salad has great appeal to kids and teens alike. However, looking at the graphics and the slow and detailed steps, children less than 10 years of age would be greatly interested in this game. Some of the steps which would be intuitive to older kids are still illustrated and shown on the screen and it is likely that older kids would lose interest very soon. The color scheme with lush, bright and striking colors like purple, pink, blue etc. is also geared towards catching the attention of kids.
More complicated recipes could be introduced and this could even be a re-designed as another way of storing recipes instead of bland ingredient lists and steps to prepare complicated recipes.
So, get your chef spoons, knives, spatulas ready. And happy cooking!!