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Neymar Can Play

Neymar is the current sensation of the football world. All dreams of Brazilian football fans had depended on him. He is the player whom people wanted to watch playing during World cup. All the Brazilian fans had hoped to win their number six trophy of the major and honorable Football World Cup tournament. Everything was going well. But in the quarter finals he was charged dangerously by a Colombian player named Juan Camilo Zúñiga which ended Neymar’s World Cup as he suffered a serious back injury. But he is a real man. He never wants to sit on the bench forever. He is now back on the field with the support of a crutch! So let’s help him play!
In Neymar can play online game, your objective is to help Neymar to score as many goals as you can in a limited time period. The time period is about one minute. You will earn 100 points for scoring each of the goals. But it will not be easy to control an injured player and make him score goals. It is all about timing of your shot which will make the difference about how well he scores. There will be a goal keeper and a defender to block your shots. You have to move right or left by using the arrow keys so that Neymar can play and score a goal. Then let the ball come to you or move your player to get a clear chance to have a shot on goal. If the ball rolls to you then press 1 to shoot towards the goal. And if it bounces high on you then press 2 to make a header and 3 for a bicycle kick. You need to be careful about your timing. If you fail to shoot on time then Neymar will try to shoot on his own but will fall down and that will not be good for a already seriously injured player.