Pou Jump Adventure

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Pou Jump Adventure

In a quest of flying like birds, Wright brothers I mean Wilbur and Orville Wright invented plane. Therefore we were able to conquer the sky. Then we wanted more, conquering the space. Scientists invented rocket for that. We then, won the space as also. But think of a place where no plane or rocket could possibly reach. What would you do then if you need to go up above the sky? Don’t know? Okay, nothing to worry about. I am going to tell you – You have to jump! Yes, you have heard exactly what I said right now.
So, if you are not afraid of height then let’s play Pou Jump Adventure online game. You will have to control Pou, who is a potato like creature. Try to make him reach as high as you can. And don’t fall down. If you fall down, Pou will die and you have to start again from the beginning. So are you thinking how you would help Pou to conquer the sky? Well there are unlimited tree roots to allow you to reach higher in the sky. Jump on those one after another by moving your mouse up to the right or up to the left. Look for bonuses to give extra power to Pou’s jump. Bonus will appear like a squared pink icon having three arrow sign on it. Touch those for extra lift and like a hyper jump!

Enjoy a happy flying experience.