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Prince Of Race

When you search for an entertaining program on television what actually do you look for? It must be something that is really attractive and will give you enough fun, sometimes which will be able to give you adrenaline rush. And what could be more appropriate than bike racing like Moto GP? Yes I know you are also thinking alike. If you love adventure and speed then we might think alike. So, I think you already understood that Prince of race game is about bike racing. You will have to take part in a racing competition as a crazy driver who will ride until the ultimate victory is achieved. Do not give the opposition any chance to take away the winning trophy.
All the games that you would have played at were mostly mouse controlled. But in Prince of race online game you have to control the bike using the keyboard. There will be several contenders who will try to block you from moving forward but you have to beat them all to reach towards glory. Control your bike by pressing the arrow buttons of your keyboard. Whether the track is straight or bent, move the buttons right or left to overtake your competitors. When the track is bent, then focus on keeping your bike on the track. You have to hold the up arrow button to give your bike the accelerator to move ahead. You will have thirty seconds to get past a check post and there will be several laps until the race comes to an end. If you have enough time left in your hand after passing a check post then you will be awarded with some bonus points. But if you fail to reach checkpoints before the time runs out then you will be forced to leave the track.
You know the game play now. So let’s test your racking skills and see if you are as good as the legends like Casey Stoner, Jorge Lorenzo, or Valentino Rossi!