Talking Ginger Eye Doctor

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Talking Ginger Eye Doctor

If you have ever gone to an eye doctor then you must be familiar with his way of functioning. How he examines your eye, finds problem in it and solves by giving appropriate medicine to cure the eye. But relax since you don’t have to go to an eye doctor to play Talking Ginger Eye Doctor. You are the doctor here and a cat is your patient. You have to examine its eye and finally give her a proper glass to wear.
At first, try to find the near vision by giving her some circle, triangle, square and pentagonal diagram to recognize. After doing this, find the distant vision by giving her some alphabets to recognize. In similar way you have to perform a duo chrome test of her eye. Then take an ophthalmoscope report of both of the eyes. You have to move your tool right to left by moving your mouse. Then use your specially made computer to check the eye. Yes I am talking about an eye testing computer. Computers are not made only for net browsing or playing games online. They have a variety of use in the medical field also.
Then you have to manually test her eyes to find the accurate glass for it to wear. For that, you have to hold different power of glasses in front of its eye by dragging the mouse. When the perfect match found, the test will stop automatically. Then you need to give drop some medicine to both the eyes. Use the eye dropper to do so. Three drops of medicine would be sufficient. And finally, select a perfect frame that matches the cats face. It is important for her to feel better with her eyes and it is also important for her to look good with the glasses. Phew! Do you think you can do it all? Let’s see!