Tom and Jerry Dinner

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Tom and Jerry Dinner

I bet almost every kid on this planet knows about Tom and Jerry. As you are/were a kid too, you would know about them. Tom is a notorious cat and Jerry is brave and clever than Tom. They always fight against each other, make fun of themselves and many others. But mostly the thing they do is to fight for the food in the kitchen. There is no such day that they don’t fight for food. Always they make new ideas to beat each other to find the best dish and sometimes Jerry succeeds and sometimes Tom.
But Tom and Jerry Dinner game is not about fighting for food. You will see a totally new Tom and Jerry show where you have to play as Tom and have to play the role of a waiter! And guess who the customer is? It is Jerry the smart little rat of course! Jerry will come to your restaurant to have dinner. You have to serve him by providing his the specific dish whichever he orders. You have to be careful and keep an eye if he is getting angry for your late delivery of food. If it happens he will leave your restaurant and you will be given negative points. You will have only ninety seconds to reach your target point.
When jerry comes he will seat at an empty table and will order for available food as per your menu card. Serve the correct dish that he is wants and you will be awarded with positive point. Try to serve as quick and as many customers as you can. There will not be just one Jerry but there will more and more of his cousins who will come to your restaurant for having their dinner. So what are you waiting for? Go and serve them before time runs out!